The Magic of Nailing that Face to Face Interview.

So yesterday I had my first face to face interview for quite a while, now we’ve already established that I am not the best at interviewing / talking over the telephone (see previous interview based posts), so this one needed to go well for the sake of my sanity. On a slightly related note: recentlyContinue reading “The Magic of Nailing that Face to Face Interview.”

My very accurate (Phone) interview process:

Also known as “Why I need to try CBT” Stage 1 – see’s a job with an abundance of potential; Stage 2 – spends at least 3 hours revamping CV and rewriting cover letter, attacking all appropriate key words in Job Specification. We are now the PERFECT candidate. Presses submit. Stage 3 – Forgets whatContinue reading “My very accurate (Phone) interview process:”