CRP Wishes;

Cultural Representative Programme CRP:HRC Historical Research Centre

Having recently fallen at the final hurdle in the CRP Disney Dream race; I figured the best way to take my mind of things, is to write incessantly about all of it – makes sense, don’t it?

If you are currently in the application process / thinking about applying for a CRP – I hope I can help! Please feel free to ask any questions, I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I am always here to assist.

Have a Magical Day Y’all!

Serious Stuff:

My Very First Application! Part 1 & My Very First Application! Part 2  – my very first attempt at CRP back in 2013, I made it all the way to Final Interviews and onto the dreaded Waiting List.

My Very First Application: Continued – what happened at the end of the dreaded Wait List.