My Relationship with Alnwick

Alnwick Castle Video Alnwick Gardens Video Hi! I promised I’d get back to this – so here we go: A couple of weeks ago myself and my very good friend decided to go for an impromptu trip to Alnwick Castle and Gardens – exciting! – albeit not for the first time. Together we’d visited the…

A Northerner in London: A few thoughts from my recent London trip

An abundance of pictures and further stories to follow… 1) There is something very comforting about a familiar Northern accent. 2) There is something very disconcerting about being the only one with a Northern accent. 3) It is very possible to spend 48 hours in the Capital City and only spend £30. 4) Do not stand…

Durham Big Meeting 2015

Here’s a selection of photos from last year’s Durham Miners Gala Parades. I apologise for the picture quality, I was not yet in possession of the world’s best camera:

DisneyLand Paris 2015 Photos

Because we already know how much I LOVE photos – I’m going to share some absolute delights from our last trip to DisneyLand Paris, back in November 2015. Enjoy! 🙂

Durham Lumiere Festival in Photos

Every 2 years the City of Durham is home to a beautiful festival of Lights – Lumiere! As I may have already mentioned, me and my camera are always up for Festivities! So here are some of my favourite photos from November 2015:

Disneyland Paris

I recently was fortunate enough to visit Disneyland Paris in its festive fabulousness. My best friend and I saved up – a lot – and booked last minute tickets to spend 5 days in the most Magical place in Europe. The whole week was pretty spectacular – cold -but spectacular. I cannot wait to share…

Durham ‘Fire and Ice’ in Photos

On Saturday 20th February I had a quick wander round Durham City  after hearing there was Festivities! Me and my camera are always up for Festivities! Here are some of my favourites: