CRP: Historical Reseach Centre – Skype Interview

I’ve just this second (well 10 mins ago) finished yet another Skype interview for the Cultural Representative Programme, notably the Historical Research Centre with a Yummy Jobs representative. I was a bit more organised this time so I’d like to take this fresh mind set and give you a full play by play of whatContinue reading “CRP: Historical Reseach Centre – Skype Interview”

My Very First Application: Continued

Continued from: Part 1 & Part 2 Obviously we can assume that the Wait List did not work out for me. It didn’t. My very first Disney Application finally ended in a 7-8 month stint of waiting by my phone, constantly checking my emails, and scouring the Facebook group posts for any hint of action. It ended completelyContinue reading “My Very First Application: Continued”

An Ode to Disney Friends

Disney friends are the best kind of friends. I shit you not. The bond is real. Disney friends understand your crazy, they just get it. Disney friends know exactly what to say when you’re having a less than magical day – just add pixie dust. Disney friends know what it’s like to dream so bigContinue reading “An Ode to Disney Friends”

My Very First Application, Part 2

When Beginners Luck Ran Out! Continued from: Part 1 I remember much less information about my Face to Face interviews, namely because this is the one that did NOT go well… A lot of things happened in the 3/4 weeks between interviews. Chiefly I celebrated my 21st Birthday! And not being one to keep anything toContinue reading “My Very First Application, Part 2”

My Very First Application, Part 1

Beginners Luck! I initially applied for the Cultural Representative Program back in 2013, while I was in my final year at university. My flat mate had already completed a summer program in Disney World and, while suffering some serious withdrawal after a magical 2 week vacation, she pointed me in the direction of Yummy Jobs.Continue reading “My Very First Application, Part 1”