My Relationship with Alnwick

Alnwick Castle Video

Alnwick Gardens Video


I promised I’d get back to this – so here we go:

A couple of weeks ago myself and my very good friend decided to go for an impromptu trip to Alnwick Castle and Gardens – exciting! – albeit not for the first time.

Together we’d visited the Gardens during our university years as part of an organised coach excursion (little did we know this was predominantly for exchange students, and we were the only fluent English speakers on that coach – ooops.) We had a pretty cute day either way!

the Poison Garden feat. Amy’s Elbow; circa Sept 2012

After Graduating university I went to work as an Activity Instructor in a castle close to Berwick-upon-Tweed ( – go check it out) and got my first real opportunity to really fall in love with Northumberland.

On my very last day as an Instructor I was lucky enough to take a group of Spanish school children out on Excursion to Alnwick Castle and Gardens for a genuinely magical day along with my 2 favourite colleagues (and roommates <3):

Ford Castle sistas; circa April 2014

(‘scuse my facial expressions!)

But it had been a whole 2 years since my last visit – So I wanted to make the most of it!

More to come 🙂 ❤






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