A Northerner in London: A few thoughts from my recent London trip

An abundance of pictures and further stories to follow…


1) There is something very comforting about a familiar Northern accent.

2) There is something very disconcerting about being the only one with a Northern accent.

3) It is very possible to spend 48 hours in the Capital City and only spend £30.

4) Do not stand on the Left hand side of an escalator; unless you want to be knocked over by a commuter stampede.

5) It’s very possible to walk between all the various sites of interest – if you have no value for the well-being of your legs and / or feet.

6) Harrods will make you feel like a pauper; it’s best to avoid; Especially if you’re wearing a raincoat and backpack.

7)You will be unfathomably drawn towards the buskers that have animals; and will happily pay them the change contents of your coat pocket in exchange for a cuddle.

8) It is perfectly acceptable to walk 30-35 000 steps a day, while surviving on a diet of mere sandwiches and light snacks… The pain and regret wont kick in until tomorrow.

9) London is one of the few places where it is socially acceptable to walk around wearing a camera on a neck strap.

10) People will just stop dead in front of you whenever there’s things to photograph.

11)There are always things to photograph.

12) You begin to wonder whether the population of London is predominantly Spanish teenagers on tours. They are everywhere.

13) Don’t wear the big puffy raincoat if you’re excessively walking = you will sweat un-seemingly

14) Don’t wear the cheap ankle boots if you’re excessively walking = your feet will hate you.

15) Don’t bother with make-up if you’re excessively walking = no one cares what you look like, and it will melt off anyway.

16) If you’re carrying your backpack around London for the next 48 hours, for the love of God, leave some things at home.

17) Wearing a backpack for 48 hours may result in feeling like a turtle, bumping into everything, concern as to whether your spine will be permanently crooked, and just generally being in people’s way – constantly.

18) If you’re visiting any sites of historical / cultural significance – Do not pack your nail scissors into your make-up bag. They will be confiscated. And you will feel like a criminal.

19) Always choose the bus over the underground – it’s way nicer.

20) Go steady, have a great time and take hundreds of photographs of everything! It’s more than encouraged.

Are you ready for the Photographic Evidence?


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