24: The First Week

It has now been 7 days since I hit the big 2-4 (sarcasm: I know I’m not that old) and it’s been a hectic one!

Where did we last leave off?

So you know that on my actual birthday I went out for a nice meal with the family and on Tuesday I had my phone interview for a fabulous new job (the outcome still impending) during my lunch hour.

On Wednesday after work, I went out for tea with my dad, step mum and little brother to celebrate our joint birthdays. Like every other year we went to Zizzi’s in Durham. If you’re ever in Durham, I highly recommend a trip to Zizzi’s – the staff are super friendly, the location is quaint, and the layout is incredibly open, spacious and relaxing. Also the view out of the slightly wonky-in-a-quirky-way window allows you to pretend you’re in Diagon Alley (just me…?). ANYWAY, I was delighted with a 3 course meal of all my favourite foods, and a bottle of wine to celebrate. The waiter even brought my little brother’s ice cream dessert out with a candle and happy birthday in it – Excellent customer service!

Thursday night began with me driving myself, my mother and sister all the way to Sunderland (after a cheeky McDonalds trip) to see the Bodyguard musical. This was my mum and sister’s first “show” – as they keep annoyingly calling it. And it was AMAZING. I love musicals period, and have always been a huge Whitney fan; in fact, there are videos of me rocking around in a baby walker stopping dead completely engrossed in the telly playing “I Will Always Love You”. I had great taste as a child. Zoe Birkett was beyond amazing as Rachel, although the American accent didn’t do much for me, I must admit but the singing and performance outweighed it entirely. Five Starsyou should go see it. The night, however, ended with a 35-minute traffic jam trying to exit the multi-storey car park. Cars reversing everywhere, car horns blaring, swearing, exasperated hand waving: paints a beautiful picture – no? Needless to say, I was very tired come Friday morning.

After one of the longest and most mind-numbing days I have ever worked, on Friday night my friends and I booked a table at the local Tapas restaurant and enjoyed many cocktails and beers (I’m poor). El Cota in Durham is incredibly good! As far as my first ever Tapas experience goes: it’s only small, but has two levels and a fantastic atmosphere. We ordered 11 dishes between 3 of us, overrunning the table with food! My only advice: 1 order of potatoes is enough – trust me. #Potatogeddon. We then spent the night gallivanting round every cocktail bar in Durham (there’s a few) with many a tipsy cackling; like when the busking trumpet player decided to blare his horn in Jordy’s face, when Amy got her Kurt Geiger heel stuck in the tram line in front of the buskers, when the busker stole Amy’s shoe cueing a vodka fuelled rage. Good people – good memories – good times all round

On Saturday I had a (brief) trip to the pub, before leaving early for Pizza and Netflix. Apparently at 24 all the get up and go I had as a student is now depleted.

And finally on Sunday I had my first date of 2016 – also my first date in (possibly) 12 months – and my first ever Tinder date (please don’t judge me.) We met in Sunderland and I’m 80% sure I got clocked by a speed camera on the way there. We ate at the Funky Indian – which is both an Indian restaurant and incredibly Funky (again – highly recommended). But more on that later…

In summary, it’s been an incredibly busy week socially for me.

And what have I accomplished in the last 7 days in terms of personal growth…? I now have a middle parting.

Cue Photographic evidence:

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