Why 21st Century Birthdays suck:

Forgive my ignorance.

I was born in 1992, and as a 90’s baby I have the luxury of technical competency and the safe knowledge that my life does not revolve around my phone or Facebook; Knowledge that my younger sister – for example – a millennium baby, probably does not.

On Monday I celebrate my 24th birthday. A day, in my eyes, that should be greeted with numerous cards in the post wishing me a happy day. As a self-certified grown-up, I am perfectly content with the lack of gifts – it comes with the territory.

But I do love cards. I personally exercise thorough thought and precision when my own purchasing cards for others, for every occasion. One might even say that I am single-handedly responsible for keeping the Moonpig empires in business. (I LOVE Moonpig.)

However, on Monday I was not greeted with an abundance of cards. The number of cards that now grace my mother’s fireplace probably stands at less than 10 (and I am from a BIG family.) But try not to feel overly sorry for little ole me – all the important ones are there: Daughter, Sister, Niece… a cousin or two… a very amusing cat card signed by everyone I work with… (thanks guys!)

What I did wake up to was an influx of notifications on my phone. Birthday texts? – you say – that’s very caring; Alas not. I did receive a few birthday texts, notably from close friends and my step mum. Phonecalls? You might ask; My dad called me to wish me a happy birthday, yes, but wrong again.

Facebook. My phone was inundated with Facebook notifications.


Happy Birthday. Have a great day! xxx”

Happy birthday! xx”

And the ever dreaded “happy birthday

Where is the love in that? Where is the effort?

I’m sorry if I sound a little ungrateful. But do you really feel like you’ve made me feel so special because you wrote on my “wall” along with 50 other people?

Am I supposed to look at these posts and think “I’m so loved!”?

I know for a fact that the only reason you’ve wrote on my wall, is because you had either forgotten it was my birthday / you didn’t even know it in the first place, and Facebook had to send you a notification. Well thank you Facebook – at least you remembered.


The same goes for you guys that choose Instagram birthday wishes. I know, you’re trying to be different and trying to stand out. And how did you know? that all I wanted for my birthday was a 3-year-old pictures of the two of us, where you look amazing and I look like a pair of buck teeth with hair? You just so get me… #sisters

Perhaps we rely on our technology and social medias a little bit too much. My only advice to you is simple: Ditch the Facebooks and Instagrams, remember the important dates, buy a nice card. Be the change you want to see in the world (no matter how insignificant) – I know I will.


Now – I admit. I actually had a great birthday! And I love being 24, it’s been a blast so far. Birthdays are for close friends and close family. For love and hugs. Cards and lots of cake.

Have a magical day ❤

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