My 24th Birthday

Now, contrary to what you may insinuate from my previous post. I really really enjoyed my birthday this year. Never one to look forward to such occasions, and never one to throw massive “me me me” celebrations, this year’s has been quite the event!

On Monday morning I woke up for work, like any other week day.

On my way out the door I was greeted with a couple of family cards, and some presents, to summarise:

  • £2o off my aunt
  • Large Cadbury chocolate bar of my mam, stepdad and sister
  • Cute “Daughter” door hanger of my mam and stepdad
  • Pug themed cupcakes to share with my “work friends” – thanks mam.
  • AMAZING Cheshire cat cushion (complete with personalisation) off my mam, sister and stepdad.

At work I was greeted with many “Happy birthdays!” and hugs, and got a humorous cat birthday card signed by my lovely colleagues.

At lunch – we ordered Dominos – a cause for celebration in itself. And ate our pug cupcakes for dessert.

After work I returned home to a card from my other aunt and a cuddle off my sister. We quickly got changed, and played around with my camera. (We are big fans of the special occasion family Selvies)

We then met up with my aunt, her partner, my cousin, and cousin’s daughter at a local pub and had a very tasty tea, and a few beverages.

I was tipsy.

Attached is the photographic proof:

But wait! there’s more:


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