A Northerner in London: A few thoughts from my recent London trip

An abundance of pictures and further stories to follow… 1) There is something very comforting about a familiar Northern accent. 2) There is something very disconcerting about being the only one with a Northern accent. 3) It is very possible to spend 48 hours in the Capital City and only spend £30. 4) Do not standContinue reading “A Northerner in London: A few thoughts from my recent London trip”

Mother’s Day Celebrations

My momma is an incredibly annoying human sometimes. She can’t handle her alcohol, she doesn’t understand sarcasm, and sometimes she likes to shout for no apparent reason. But I love her. When I was struggling during my degree, she was always there on the other end of the phone no matter what the time ofContinue reading “Mother’s Day Celebrations”

24: The First Week

It has now been 7 days since I hit the big 2-4 (sarcasm: I know I’m not that old) and it’s been a hectic one! Where did we last leave off? So you know that on my actual birthday I went out for a nice meal with the family and on Tuesday I had myContinue reading “24: The First Week”

My 24th Birthday

Now, contrary to what you may insinuate from my previous post. I really really enjoyed my birthday this year. Never one to look forward to such occasions, and never one to throw massive “me me me” celebrations, this year’s has been quite the event! On Monday morning I woke up for work, like any other weekContinue reading “My 24th Birthday”

Why 21st Century Birthdays suck:

Forgive my ignorance. I was born in 1992, and as a 90’s baby I have the luxury of technical competency and the safe knowledge that my life does not revolve around my phone or Facebook; Knowledge that my younger sister – for example – a millennium baby, probably does not. On Monday I celebrate myContinue reading “Why 21st Century Birthdays suck:”

My very accurate (Phone) interview process:

Also known as “Why I need to try CBT” Stage 1 – see’s a job with an abundance of potential; Stage 2 – spends at least 3 hours revamping CV and rewriting cover letter, attacking all appropriate key words in Job Specification. We are now the PERFECT candidate. Presses submit. Stage 3 – Forgets whatContinue reading “My very accurate (Phone) interview process:”