My Very First Application: Continued

Continued from: Part 1 & Part 2

Obviously we can assume that the Wait List did not work out for me.

It didn’t.

My very first Disney Application finally ended in a 7-8 month stint of waiting by my phone, constantly checking my emails, and scouring the Facebook group posts for any hint of action. It ended completely on the train home from work with a single email, 3 short paragraphs long. In summary:

Thanks for trying – maybe next time.”


It felt as though everyone who I had gone through this process with had been offered a place, but me. As though there was something pathologically wrong with me for them not to want to hire me. I know my interview was poor – but could it really have been THAT bad?

If I was THAT bad they would have said no straight away, surely. Right?

So I decided to try again, while I watched my application friends and acquaintances post excited airport selfies, ready to jet off on their adventures of a lifetime. The events that ensued went as follows:

February 2014 –> a year after my initial attempt –> I didn’t even make it to pre-screen

September 2014 –> I tried again -> I didn’t make it to pre-screen.

I took a year off to re-assess my options


August 2015 –> I tried “one more time” for CRP, spending 2 weeks on my application and CV and starting completely from scratch –> I was offered a place at Pre-screen! –> then my car konked out costing me £800 –> I couldn’t afford to go to pre-screen…

December 2015 –> I saw an advert on Facebook for available HRC positions starting between June and August 2016 – Sending off the exact same application again. -> A few days before Christmas, while on holiday in Lanzarote I received an email inviting me to a Skype interview on January 6th

This was my chance! Right?


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