An Ode to Disney Friends

Disney friends are the best kind of friends. I shit you not. The bond is real.

Disney friends understand your crazy, they just get it.

Disney friends know exactly what to say when you’re having a less than magical day – just add pixie dust.

Disney friends know what it’s like to dream so big it hurts, sometimes.

The Disney friends who have also experienced rejection are the most magical of people. Find one of those, or a few if you’re lucky, they are golden. They share your excitement, your glee, your tears – and are also the best people to piece you back together when life doesn’t work out the way you think it should.

Disney rejection hurts. Physically sometimes. You feel lost, a niggly little hole appears in your chest that is incredibly hard to shift, which is especially worse when you have to watch other people succeed when you fail.

Find yourself that Disney friend who has your back, who helps you lift your head, and dry your tears. Who makes new plans with you / for you. Who can remind you that you can try again, if that’s what you want, or walk away –  it’s not the end of the world. What have you learned? What would you do differently? What can you do to make yourself stand out? What can you do to make yourself smile again? – Pick a new dream, any dream.

Disney friends bring out your inner magic, they make you dream – and what could be better than that?

My only other advice to anyone dealing with Disney rejection: watch Meet the Robinsons. It is possibly the most motivational film I’ve ever watched – and I can easily repeat it word for word without any help:

From failure you learn – from success not so much. Keep Moving Forward.



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