My Very First Application, Part 2

When Beginners Luck Ran Out!

Continued from: Part 1

I remember much less information about my Face to Face interviews, namely because this is the one that did NOT go well…


A lot of things happened in the 3/4 weeks between interviews. Chiefly I celebrated my 21st Birthday! And not being one to keep anything to myself, received a hella lot of Disney related presents. I also had a few interviews for a job in the new local American Diner that was opening up; in fact I had my final interview for that job the morning I travelled to London for my Final Disney interview.

This time I made the executive decision to travel down to London by myself. With my interview at 9:30 in the morning, I really had no other option but to stay overnight. I ended up pre-booking a single room in a B&B, just 4 minutes’ walk around the corner from the lecture halls where my interview would to take place.

I successfully survived a solo train ride, navigated the underground for a second time without any help, and somehow found my way (after a few wrong terms) to the hotel front door. Although suffering what can only be described as an unfortunate bout of “Man Flu” during the week, I accidentally booked and paid for my room for the day of my interview, not the day before. Doh! Luckily there was 1 larger room available for that night, and for a £20 surcharge, it was mine.


I arranged to meet up with another girl in my interview for tea, as she was travelling down from Scotland. We ended up in the local Nandos and had a nice long tea and chat, which was really great for my initial nerves. We talked about loads of things, our Disney holidays, our Pre Screen interviews, University, what we thought would happen the next day… a few hours later we  departed back to our original hotels to have an early night; surprisingly I actually had a good night’s sleep!

My hotel came with an included breakfast, which was great for me, as I am incapable of focusing on an empty stomach. I had already arranged to meet with another girl outside of my hotel, to find the building together. It was all pretty relaxed. We ended up walking to the interview together, meeting up with everyone else.

As usual, everyone was lovely! As you will find with the vast majority of Disney people, it’s in their very DNA to be charming.


Once again, we entered a larger cinema-esque room. We were introduced to Sue who works in Disney recruitment, who led a small presentation, similar to the Pre-screen but slightly more detailed. There was also a bit where she asked a couple of trivia questions to break the ice, with the first person to offer the correct answer winning a cutesy little Disney prize. Ever the quiet one, I did not win anything. We were given some short forms to fill in with our name and job preference (Merchy or F&B).

Once again we were broken down into time slots, and asked to come back in groups of 4/5 at a certain time to await our turn. Of course, we all ended up in Nandos again, stealing a banquet style table and ordering 3 course meals and drinks to pass the time.  Unfortunately, this time I was one of the last groups scheduled, so I had the joy of watching the Nandos group’s gradual diminishing. A few people came back to tell us how their interview had gone, with a lot of talk about previous programs that I did not have.

Eventually it was my turn. I must admit that 10-15 mins wait in complete silence as the 4 of queued outside of the interview room did nothing for my original nerves. This was it – it was real now. No more arsing around, you’re meeting Disney themselves! – that mind-set didn’t help either. Unfortunately, I don’t remember a lot of what I said during my interview, or what I was asked. I do remember that Sue struggled with my charming Northern accent – a feat that is still a struggle to this day.


I also remember leaving the interview, the slow walk back to the underground. I couldn’t afford to switch to an earlier train home so I had to sit on my own in Kings Cross for 2-3 hours. During this time: I bought myself some tea, rang my dad and got a little misty eyed, scoured through the Platform 9 ¾ shop, rang my aunty to cry a bit to her, bought a new book. And then sat, on my own, on a bench, and read.

The train ride home was just as melancholy. I got home pretty late that night, got myself a pizza on the way to my flat and watched some films alone. In the weeks that followed I started spending time with a nice guy I’d met through mutual friends, started my new job at the Diner, and focused all of my energy on drinking like a student, and writing my dissertation.

I don’t remember the exact time frame between the interview and the feedback, but sometime after I’d readjusted myself back into my life: the emails started. Those of you who partake in the Facebook Group society will know how this goes. One person gets their email – it’s a yes / no – the post in the Facebook group – Chaos ensues. This went on for what felt like a couple of hours, sitting at my desk clicking between Facebook and Hotmail – refresh – refresh -refresh -refresh.

And then I found it… in my Spam.

Not a definite “No” but a “wait and see” Wait-list reply. Which I feel are so much worse for the soul.


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  1. floridastatevacation says:

    Love this ha! Been three, been through the stress and everything! Great post X


    1. skaife7 says:

      It’s an awful process! I’ve actually just been declined again…. third time is charm right? x


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